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Since May 15, 2017


This very early piece represents how change and growth requires the death of what was here before. Life needs change, it has to move otherwise it leaves the form and becomes elsewhere.

Death is inevitable, and sometimes events are inescapable. The effects are like the ripples across a pond after a rock is dropped into the calm waters, reaching out and moving us all. When these moments occur, the best approach is to ride our fate and see where it takes us.

Death suggests getting down to basics. Dying has a way of making us concentrate on what’s important and reminds us to cut out the unnecessary. Death can also mean we will experience the inexorable force of change.

This was my very first experiment (c.1989?) with the style I would eventually call “The ImplicateForm”. I really wanted to draw something Escher-esque, with repetition and graduation, and the cell dynamics developed as a result.

I wanted to see how varying constant shapes could create the illusion of depth and form, it was a cheap way for me to make 3D art.

We are the Energy of Life, moving while collected as us, before again becoming the potential returned to the cosmos, to take other shapes within other shapes and other shapes, again and again. The atoms before us will be the atoms after us.

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