The Magician by Nick Rumbelow

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Since May 15, 2017

The Magician

This was an early piece, pre-1990. I liked the concept of illustrating an archetype, and I drew this with fibre-tip pens, a ruler and some coloured pencils.

The Magician is the master of illusion. He makes you feel good, he draws his inspiration directly from the universe, and his self-confidence can make a bad situation simply disappear.

His willpower holds our attention precisely where he wants it. His energy is channelled directly from the cosmos, and he allows it to pass through him immediately without letting it affect him.

His secret is balance, avoiding extremes, he is more than a trickster, he is the showman, the enchanter, an energetic force bringing positive changes. This is the ultimate salesman with the advantage of an excellent, trustworthy and genuine product or service to sell.

When we need to make things happen, turn to the Magician. He knows how to use all the tools at his disposal, to come up with clever plans no one else would think of. This strong-willed individual is able to rise to face any challenge, head-on.

The Magician tells us that we are able to take the power of the universe and manifest our desires. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen!

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