Reality by Nick Rumbelow

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Since May 15, 2017


The atoms which make you and the air that you are so unconsciously breathing into your life, and the paper in your hand or the monitor in front of you, and the ink or dots of coloured light bonded into the symbolism of script to convey the products of the mind of another, and all the objects around you - all of these are mainly vast regions of empty space.

If we could enlarge an orange to the size of the Earth, even then its atoms would only be the size of cherries, billions upon billions tightly packed together.

If we could then enlarge one of these 'cherries' to the size of the dome on St Peter's cathedral in Rome - the largest dome in the world - the nucleus at the centre would only be the size of a grain of salt, and the orbiting electrons would be like specks of dust on the very edge of the dome. The rest of the giant 'cherry' would be empty space.

The electron's existence is only virtual - it's there, and yet it's not there at all, simultaneously, as though it's dimensionally warped. It is a particle, and yet it's a wave without substance at the same time, depending on how it is measured. As a wave it is energy, rather than matter, yet as a solid particle it exists in all possible orbits at the same time, creating like a shell of probability.

It seems that no-one will ever be able to pin-point an electron's position. Your atoms are like spinning dice - all possible outcomes existing together until they are changed by being observed. All realities, past, present and future are here as the 'now', and our observations and conclusions influence our reality.

The nucleus of your atoms are relationships of neutron and protons, which in turn are relationships of quarks, which in turn are relationships of various forces, including the weak and strong nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity.

That's what matter really is - forces, energies relating to each other. The atom does not have any 'substance' at all. Matter does not exist - it is an illusion; our senses are deceiving us.

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