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The Return to Joy

(I’ve just remembered who I am)

Here I stand,

the passing of the universe,

the result of billions of years

of physical evolution

and spiritual endeavours.

Am I just flotsam

on the Stream

of Inevitability?

I am an unborn child

attached to the Mother Earth,

for each of these molecules

which now gather and flow

as the collective 'me',

were originally moulded

by Her fires

and Her seas.

These atoms

through which I now see

are ancient,

once they may have been

the very rocks

on which we weave our paths,

and now my energy gives thought,

voice and sight

to the rocks.

It is the Universe

which now writes about itself,

it is the energy of the Universe

which is alive,

not 'me'.

I am a centre

of cosmic activity,

a disturbance

in the quantum foam

where mind meets matter.

I am a doorway

to multi-dimensions;

through me

the planet thinks

and deludes itself

with sleepy ignorance

and illusions of separatism.

But evolution does not stop,

and like water to water,

the pools of thought

slowly reach out

and merge with each other,

and an awakening begins.

The way we shape our individuality,


yet unavoidably connected,

affects the quality

of the whole picture.

As I let the sand

spill through my fingers,

it is my own fineness that I sense,

and when I taste the gift of fruits,

it is my own sweetness

that is on my lips.

When I hear

the comfort of the songbird,

I am listening

to myself,

and when the flowers

bless me with their fragrance,

I am Nature

talking to myself,

and I begin to understand

what I am saying.

"I am the temple of spirit,

where worship

is paradox.

I am Nature,

nothing is outside

of Me

Who am I?

I am You"

As I

stand here,

I am the Universe

looking back

at itself,