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Since May 15, 2017

Dancing in The Light

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Meditation sometimes seems hard, but that’s often because the wrong information has
been provided. Many teachings indicate the need to still the mind, but use many words
to say how words cannot convey true meaning; the finger pointing to the moon
can never be the moon it leads us to,
knowledge is to be experienced.

But the methods can seem difficult to achieve, the mind is restless, thoughts distract us,
we drift and keep having to remember what we’re supposed to be doing, leaving us bored
and so never experiencing the bliss of successful meditation. Some methods feel convoluted
and maybe just make us think more, not less, so how can it be achieved easily and naturally?

No Mind is a simple but incredibly powerful method anyone can do at any time, it makes
finding stillness and peace of mind so much easier and quicker to achieve, and some of
the most beautiful experiences can become accessible to you without any effort.

No need to focus too much on your breath, just imagine that the in-breath is travelling out, and
the out-breath is travelling in, feeling it moving against your throat in the opposite direction.

Every state of mind has an associated breathing pattern, so by slowing your breathing you will
calm your mind, and as you calm your mind the less you need to breathe,
the less you think, the less your brain needs.

Once you have done it a few times you will find that the breathing will take care of itself, and eventually there will be longer gaps when you almost forget to breathe at all.

Here’s the important bit:

There is a moment, just before your next thought becomes words, when you know what
the thought will be without letting language get involved, so the only thing to remember is
“no words, know words”.

As you relax with your eyes closed, interrupt each thought before it becomes a full sentence
and just know the meaning of the words without thinking them, and after a few times
you will find you are able to lengthen the gaps between each thought,
and you can effortlessly achieve a trance state.

Without words to interfere, images can start to develop as if looking through rippling water at first,
and you might experience visions so real you have to question if your eyes are open.

If your mind drifts on to other matters, such as tasks and issues still to be dealt with later,
just acknowledge that the time for thinking about a solution can wait, and will indeed be
improved by returning to the gaps between thoughts for the next few minutes.

I hope you find this simple technique useful, and that it provides you with a powerful but
easily-achievable sense of peace and calm to help you get through the day.

I created my cobra illustration by hand, cell by cell, taking around 12 months to make,
carefully twisting each cell into dynamic relationships with the surrounding cells.

July 2003

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