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Mind Meets Matter

My hand is made of stars, as it reaches out
from a background filled with the stars it came from.

Animated by the omniscient force shaping all
changing forms, allowing the cosmos to be conscious,
life is the universe looking back at itself,
becoming self-aware.

Life is where mind meets matter.

Soon after completing this artwork my laptop and a mug of coffee
tried to share the same point in the spacetime continuum,
obliterating my only folder with the working files,
leaving me with this single low-res copy.

I’m so grateful for small mercies!


These atoms through which I now see
are ancient, once they may have been
the very ground on which we weave
our paths, and now my energy gives
thought, voice and sight to the rocks.

It is the Universe which now writes about itself,
it is the energy of the Universe
that is alive, not 'me'.

I am a centre of cosmic activity,
a disturbance in the quantum foam
where mind meets matter.

I am a doorway to multi-dimensions,
through me the plane thinks and deludes itself
with sleepy ignorance and illusions of separatism.

But evolution does not stop, and like
water to water, the pools of thought
slowly reach out finding each other,
and an awakening begins.

I am the Temple of Spirit,
where worship is paradox.

I am Nature,
nothing is outside of Me.

I am the Universe
looking back at itself,
becoming self-aware.

Who am I?

I am You.

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