Here Comes The Sun

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As it parades across the summer sky,
the sun beckons the face of every
sunflower to follow her. each
enchanted heart is bound to the
heart of our celestial ancestor by
the light shared between stars.

All turn entranced and beguiled, almost in worship of the life-giving day, and the power of sunshine that courses through each vein
of every leaf is captured and transmuted
into the energy and potential of the
next generation.

I started with a simple 90 degree arc
and just gave it a push, progressing it
through nature’s Golden Ratio;
the Fibonacci sequence, and by
following a few instructions
- clone, enlarge, rotate, repeat -
and using parameters from a sunflower
in my garden, it just grew in front of me
on the screen. Thanks to the simplicity and perfection of the sequence, in no time
the background was in place.

This artwork celebrates how something so simple can result in such complexity, and how
the patterns of nature can reveal themselves
when we look a little closer.

April 12 – May 13 , 2020

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