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Magical Thinking

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A self-portrait depicting the experience of
the creative process, inspiration and
‘magical thinking’ of a schizotypal mind.

Some of the seemingly random flotsam and jetsam which constantly drift across my stream of consciousness, and the distracting sparks that flutter around my focus, are occasionally interesting enough to be stored in the little boxes in the background.

Organising my thoughts, each of the boxes is lined with a sense of purpose and is held in place by walls of doubt, but occasionally a link between two or more boxes may be noticed, loosening the bonds and when two or more links attract each other,
an idea is formed.

If the idea is strong enough in purpose to overcome the powerful doubts, the idea becomes that type of inspiration which demands attention, when the artist then becomes compelled to divert his focus on to cultivating form from the persistent idea, often to the exclusion of everything else,
just to see what could happen.

Getting a diagnosis is truly liberating, it wipes away the fear and confusion, it helps others to understand my behaviour and lets me own it, to even celebrate the difference!

I created this by individually placing 2,786 cells, twisting each into dynamic collective relationships with its neighbour by
joining 130,994 points by hand.

October 05 - November 24, 2019

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