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The day is behind her, dusk and dust are falling, but no matter
how far she has come already, the journey is far from over,
so she must continue, driven by the need to do the right thing.
Progress is made with the strength found through integrity.

The road may seem long, but every step is like how every cell in this illustration is created. Each one needs the same attention as the last, each step we take is one we will never have to take again.
By keeping the goal in the highest of minds, soon we can
look back and see the bigger picture more clearly.

The matriarch, at one with her environment, looks to the future.
The past is where it belongs, and she must let go and learn
for others to do the same.

‘Integrity’ represents that drive forward and onward,
whatever it takes, however hard the task may seem at first.
Soon it will be worthwhile, and the journey will be behind her.

This illustration was created by hand, cell by cell, and took me around
10 months to make, carefully twisting each cell into dynamic
collective relationships with the surrounding cells.

March 2006

Integrity by Nick Rumbelow

Since May 15, 2017

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