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A Moment with Jedd

A moment in time, captured forever. It represents how a
fleeting form can leave such a lasting memory.

The story behind the moment is that for several years
I would regularly visit the same crofter’s cottage on
the west coast of Scotland with friends, and Jedd,
their wonderful city Ridgeback would come with us.

It was magical, mysterious and remote for all of us,
and Jedd would seem to know we were going days before
we started packing. It was a great adventure for him!

One day we were on a little boat with an outboard motor
exploring the enchanted small islands off the banks of Bracora
on the beautiful Loch Morar, and Jedd was taking-in
the overwhelming scents and sounds, while the vibrations
from the motor went through his bottom.

This was the moment he took a deep sigh, took it all in,
and let his buzzing bottom tell him he was definitely
not in London anymore!

This was an early piece in the development of my
ThoughtSeed style, illustrated with pencils
and a fibre-tip pen.


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