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Without warning, monstrous changes sweep across the landscape,
and in one chaotic moment things become undone and detached.
We are left powerless against the violent vortex that tears-down
our shelter, leaving us exposed and vulnerable.

What was once beautiful and beloved, now wilts and decays.
Terrible loss and fear of the unknown drag us into uncertain futures,
with heavy hearts and broken dreams.

July 20, 2020 – August 23, 2023
(1,130 days or 3 years, 1 month, 4 days)
15,257 stars + 17,097 threads all individually placed and shaped by hand
PSB background = 7.6Gb 400dpi 100x70cm

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About the Subject

About This Piece

So What's My Story, Why Did I Draw This?

Despair by Nick Rumbelow